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My name is Dorothy, I am an accountant and a pet lover who likes to look after stray / poor cats and to take them to desex and visit vet during my leisure time.


I studied and lived in Australia for a while before I returned to Hong Kong a few years ago. From my experience in  saving stray cats, I realise that they suffer from various illnesses and there are many cases of abandon and mistreatment of animals in HK.  All the animals ( including stray and home ) do need our love, care and assistance.


Thus I went to study some courses, such as "Basic Pet Nutrition" and "Cat Grooming workshop".  In addition, I also finished a distance learning on "Animal Behavior and Welfare" at a UK university.


I had 3 cats and 1 dog since I was a young kid.  Now I have a domestic short hair cat 'Kam Kam' which suffered from teeth and urinal issue and had been cured.  Last year, I also saved a stray cat 'Ying Ying' who suffers from kidney, teeth and mouth cancer and is currently under treatment and needs regular fluid injection.


I wish to apply my experiences not only to save stray cats but also to help the cat owners to take care of both healthy and sick cats at home.  If you would like to have your cats taking care by an experienced cat lover, do discuss with me.



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